Horizon Europe MSCA Staff Exchange

Deliver sAfe and Social Housing

January 2023 – December 2026
Funded by the European Union

Featured Learning Network

Joint meeting in Lisbon from 8 to 10 April 2024

After meeting up in Aalborg last year, this year the DASH team is meeting in Lisbon. And you can be part of this: on 9 April, ICS-UL is organising the second DASH thematic workshop, which is open to anyone interested.

Meetings at the Geographical Institute “Jovan Cvijić” SASA, Serbia

From October to December 2023, Sonia Alves and Pedro Moura Ferreira conducted secondments in Serbia as part of the DASH project. This provided opportunities for joint discussions among Portuguese and Serbian researchers and practitioners about the provision of social housing within the two countries’ different social environments and historical contexts.

Joint meeting in Aalborg

The joint meeting at Aalborg was organized from the 21st to 23rd of August. The focus of the meeting revolved around Denmark's social housing system, specifically examining Alborg's experience with it.


The DASH interdisciplinary team comprises four intersectoral national consortia consisting of 12 partner organizations from four European countries: Denmark, Germany, Portugal, and Serbia and their second-tier cities: Aalborg, Tübingen, Evora and Čačak, respectively. The project partners are from academic and research institutions, local authorities, private and public housing associations and agencies, and civil society organizations and cooperatives. The team includes individuals with diverse academic backgrounds and professional experiences. DASH’s promotion of cross-level exchanges offers each participant a unique opportunity to learn from external colleagues as they examine different contexts.