Minga’s Commitment to Change: Awarded Lidl Prize for Innovative Housing Solutions

Filipa Cabrita and Joana Filipa
March 14, 2024

DASH member Minga has been awarded the prestigious “Mais Ajuda com Mais Impacto” Lidl Prize. With the Prize money, Minga aims to provide technical assistance and promote collaborations that enhance sustainability. More than 50 housing units will receive technical support and constructive assistance.

In a nation grappling with housing challenges, the “Mais Ajuda com Mais Impacto” Lidl Prize, already in its fourth iteration, sought to identify 4 innovative solutions with an unwavering commitment to impactful change. Determined to tackle these issues, the prize organisers carefully selected 4 groundbreaking solutions spanning inclusive housing, urban revitalization, innovative financing methods, and pioneering construction innovations. Minga was selected as one of the four winners of the prize. For more information, go to https://maisajuda.pt/.