Tübingen presentation : Social housing in Denmark – Findings from an exchange of experiences

Els Keunen
March 14, 2024

On 13 March 2024, DASH members Julia and Axel from Tübingen municipality organised a workshop for their colleagues to share their insights from their secondment in Denmark. Axel, who did the presentation, started by giving some context about the DASH project, Denmark and Aalborg before explaining what the German DASH team learned about Aalborg’s urban redevelopment and Denmark’s housing system during their secondment in Aalborg. Based on the extensive knowledge gained by attending the presentations and discussions with our Aalborg partners, he gave an overview of the structure, accessibility and financing of the Danish social housing system. He also described the controversial discussions about the Danish law entitled “One Denmark without Parallel Societies: No Ghettos in 2030”. After the presentation, municipal staff, who had joined the presentation in large numbers, had the opportunity to ask questions.