Thematic Workshops

DASH Thematic Workshop at ULisboa

As announced in the previous newsletter, the DASH Thematic Workshop took place on 9 April 2024 at ICS-UL. This year's theme was "The role of the private sector in delivering below-market rent options". Keynote speakers included Nuno Travasso from DARQ - Coimbra University, who talked about access to the rental market in Portugal – specifically the affordable rent programme; and Patricia Canelas from Oxford University, who presented her findings on the governance of affordable housing through PPPs – specifically the limits of private/public dichotomies. If you missed it, check out their contributions on YouTube.

Joint meeting in Aalborg

The joint meeting at Aalborg was organized from the 21st to 23rd of August. The focus of the meeting revolved around Denmark's social housing system, specifically examining Alborg's experience with it.